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When you think of your favorite Hollywood celebrity, you probably picture good looks and an attractive smile with perfectly straight teeth. If you suspect that cosmetic dentistry is the secret to that perfect smile, chances are, you are right! 

Even though cosmetic dentistry is a trusted trick of the rich and famous, it is anything but exclusive. Cosmetic dentistry continues to grow in popularity at dental offices all over the world. woman smiling after cosmetic dentistry exam in st cloud fl

Cosmetic dentistry today is more affordable and available than ever before—and not just to those on the big screen. For cosmetic dentistry in St. Cloud, FL, look no further than Modern Dentistry of St. Cloud. Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Yang Hua, is happy to meet with you to discuss cost-effective cosmetic dentistry solutions that can take your smile from dull to dazzling. If you would like to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Hua, please call us at (321) 805-3888 today! 

Our popular treatments for cosmetic dentistry in St. Cloud, FL include:

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Professional Teeth Whitening in the 34772 Area 

Professional teeth whitening is regularly one of our most-requested cosmetic dental treatments, and it’s easy to see why. Professional teeth whitening is so popular because it can instantly and affordably upgrade your smile with a simple trip to our dental office. 

Our cosmetic dentist in St. Cloud, FL offers professional teeth whitening as a way to give your smile a boost without any anesthesia, pain, surgery, or risk. Our St. Cloud professional teeth whitening will leave your teeth looking years younger and virtually stain-free. You can also conveniently perform routine touch-ups as necessary from the comfort of your own home with our at-home teeth whitening kits.

If you are new to cosmetic dentistry and are hesitant to try any procedures that are more involved or take longer to complete, professional teeth whitening is a great place to begin. We encourage you to undergo a round of our professional teeth bleaching and to discover the difference it can make.

To schedule your in-office teeth bleaching session, call our cosmetic dentist in St. Cloud, FL today at (321) 805-3888!

Composite Dental Fillings in St. Cloud, FL

If you received dental fillings years or decades ago, then you are familiar with the dark, unattractive amalgam fillings that used to be the standard in dentistry. 

Today, a better option is available. Our cosmetic dentist in St. Cloud, FL relies on tooth-colored fillings when our patients have a cavity or need to repair a broken tooth. These high-quality, durable composite resin fillings offer all the benefits of their predecessors without any of the unattractive metal. 

Composite dental fillings so closely match the color of your natural teeth that they are virtually undetectable. Composite fillings are also strong, so they are ideal for filling cavities at the back and front of your mouth.

Whether you have old amalgam fillings you would like to replace or need a new dental filling, we can use tooth-colored fillings to enhance your smile in St. Cloud, FL. Call our caring dental office staff today to schedule your tooth-colored filling appointment with Dr. Hua.  

Porcelain Dental Crowns

Crowns for teeth are often used for practical restorative purposes. For instance, they may be used to cover a tooth with a large filling that has caused a tooth fracture or to strengthen a tooth after root canal therapy. But, porcelain dental crowns can also be used to address several cosmetic issues.

At Modern Dentistry of St. Cloud, we use porcelain tooth crowns as part of our well-rounded approach to cosmetic dentistry in St. Cloud, FL. These durable crowns for teeth are so popular because they blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile and have a very natural feel. If you have a tooth that is damaged or discolored, a dental crown may be able to restore your smile without compromising the look and esthetic. 

Do you need a porcelain dental crown in St. Cloud? Our talented clinical team would be happy to meet with you and discuss the best treatment plan. Please give our cosmetic dentist in St. Cloud, FL a call at (321) 805-3888 to schedule your cosmetic dentistry appointment!  

Porcelain Veneers

woman during cosmetic dentistry exam in st cloud flMany of those perfect Hollywood smiles we mentioned earlier are a result of porcelain veneers. The good news is that you, too, can create a smile worthy of stardom with porcelain veneers in St. Cloud

Dental veneers are translucent, thin pieces of porcelain that are placed right over the front of your teeth. They can cover a host of cosmetic problems, including teeth that are crooked, stained, or too short. If you are looking for a smile transformation that is more dramatic and will create a uniform, symmetrical, and stunning look to your teeth, then porcelain veneers are a great choice.

There is some preparation required before the veneers are bonded into place on your teeth, so it's important to recognize that veneers are a permanent solution to cosmetic issues with your smile. 

We would be happy to answer additional questions or address any concerns you may have regarding porcelain veneers. Please contact our dental office to learn more about veneers and other options for cosmetic dentistry in St. Cloud, FL. 

Invisalign Clear Braces in St. Cloud, FL 

Many adults who have lived with crooked teeth all their lives might think old-fashioned orthodontic treatment with metal braces and wires is their only option. But with Invisalign invisible braces, clear plastic aligners nudge your teeth gently into place discreetly and quickly. 

Invisalign is a popular orthodontic choice because it is more visually attractive and tends to move more quickly than traditional braces. Your personalized treatment plan with Invisalign will vary depending on your specific needs, but the standard procedure is to wear your trays for 22 hours each day and change out aligners every few weeks until we have achieved optimal straightness, Many patients can obtain a straighter smile in as little as six to twelve months!

For Invisalign clear braces to be right for you, you will need to be in your late teens or older and have orthodontic needs that are relatively straightforward. Invisalign is not a good option to treat severe cases of overcrowding or an extreme overbite or underbite. 

Porcelain Fixed Dental Bridges

If you have even one missing tooth, it’s important to fill in the gap to prevent your remaining teeth from moving. Like porcelain dental crowns, fixed dental bridges are another example of a restorative dental treatment that can also have cosmetic benefits. 

A dental bridge permanently attaches to artificial or natural tooth crowns on either side of the space where a tooth is missing. Filling in this gap in your smile not only means you no longer have to feel self-conscious, but you can also feel good about protecting your remaining teeth.

Dental bridges are used as a type of cosmetic dentistry in St. Cloud, FL, and they can help improve the look of your smile if you have lost teeth. To learn more about this durable cosmetic dentistry treatment, please call us today at (321) 805-3888.

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