Tooth-Colored Fillings St. Cloud, FL

Even if they take excellent care of their teeth, most adults will get at least one cavity in their lifetime. In fact, tooth decay is among the top oral health problems dentists face each day on the job. 

In the past, dentists used only a mixture of metals—called amalgam—to fill all tooth decay. Amalgam has a distinct dark gray color, even inside the mouth, making it very easy to spot against white teeth. 

While some dentists still offer amalgam fillings as an option at their dental practices, many have moved toward more modern, esthetically pleasing alternatives. And here at Modern Dentistry of St. Cloud, we too offer tooth-colored fillings made from a composite resin that will seamlessly match the color of your teeth. We can use the fillings to fill fresh cavities or even to replace any existing amalgam fillings you may have leftover from years or decades past.  

If you have a cavity—new or old—you can call us at Modern Dentistry of St. Cloud by dialing (321) 805-3888 to learn more about our tooth-colored fillings. 

The Purpose Behind Dental Fillings

If you’re a teenager or adult, you may have already had at least one filling in a permanent tooth. But have you ever wondered exactly what a filling does or why it’s necessary in the first place?lady with perfect white teeth in st. cloud fl

When you get a cavity in your smile, that cavity is slowly causing permanent damage to your tooth. Cavities eat away at your tooth’s structure, leaving a hole and decayed tissue behind. To stop the cavity from spreading and to save your tooth from being destroyed, your St. Cloud dentist cleans the area, removes the bacteria, and “fills” the empty area of the tooth with special dental materials. 

This “filling” refers both to the action of your dentist filling your tooth with human-made materials as well as the actual filling itself. Once the filling is inside your tooth, it supports the tooth’s outer structure and also prevents the tooth from additional attacks from cavities. 

Dentists will also occasionally rely on dental fillings to help solve problems that aren’t caused by cavities. Tooth-colored fillings in St. Cloud can help repair chipped, cracked, broken, or worn-down teeth because they add structure and support to teeth that need it. If you somehow damage an otherwise-healthy tooth, your dentist might choose to fix it with a filling. 

Because they already match the color of your teeth, composite fillings also have cosmetic advantages. If you need to change the shape or size of an unsightly tooth, you can do so by having your dentist add a filling to the area. 

As you can see, composite tooth-colored fillings can address a wide range of needs in a versatile way. Tooth-colored fillings are a small, minimally invasive treatment that happens to be very affordable for many people. Whether you need to have a cavity filled or have other concerns about your smile's look or function, there’s a good chance tooth-colored dental fillings can help! 

White Dental Fillings in the 34772 Area

Dentists have relied on dental fillings to prevent tooth decay from growing worse for many decades. For most of that time, amalgam fillings were the best option for filling cavities. Despite their strength and durability, however, amalgam fillings have never been the most attractive option for permanently altering smiles. 

happy family in st cloud flAmalgam fillings have a distinct grey color, and they’re easy to spot in the mouth. When someone with these types of fillings smiles, laughs, or speaks, it doesn’t take long to notice their dental restorations. 

Here in our dental office, we don’t want your old cavities to detract from your beautiful smile. Rather than having prominent metal stand out against your white teeth, we prefer to offer natural, tooth-colored fillings in St. Cloud, FL that will blend in and remain unnoticed while you go about your day. 

When your tooth fillings look natural and cohesively blend with your teeth, you never have to worry about people noticing them or judging any dental treatments you may have had in the past. The point of restorative dentistry is just that—to restore your smile to health and make it, so you forget you ever even had a cavity. Our tooth-colored fillings help take your mind off of old dental problems and let you start over with a clean, healthy slate.

Tooth-colored fillings today provide a much better-looking alternative to amalgam fillings, but that isn’t the only reason composite fillings are preferable to amalgam fillings. Read on to learn more about some of the best advantages of choosing tooth-colored fillings! 

The Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings

There is no denying that tooth-colored fillings look great since they blend in so seamlessly with your tooth structure and won’t discolor over time. But these restorations also provide several additional advantages: 

  • They are strong and durable. The resin composite material actually bonds to your tooth, making it a stronger option for a filling—especially in the back molars. With metal fillings, you might have noticed a sensitivity to hot or cold foods or beverages, but there is none of that with composite fillings. Composite fillings are durable, lasting for a decade or even longer.
  • They keep more of the tooth structure intact. With tooth-colored fillings, less of the tooth structure needs to be drilled, so more of your natural tooth remains. When you choose a metal amalgam filling, your dentist has to remove slightly more tooth structure to accommodate the thicker material. Metal fillings also tend to expand and contract because of heat or cold. This can eventually cause damage to the structure of the tooth and cause pain over time. tooth replacement image in st. cloud fl
  • They are versatile. Since tooth-colored fillings match the color of tooth structure, they are ideal for use in the front of the mouth. In addition to fillings, dentists can use the composite material cosmetically to change the size and shape of a tooth or repair a tooth that might be damaged.
  • They provide some peace of mind. Studies have repeatedly shown that amalgam fillings are considered safe, and the American Dental Association backs that up. Still, many people just feel better about using a nonmetal alternative for handling tooth decay. With tooth-colored fillings, there is no need to worry about any possibility of danger from mercury.

In all, tooth-colored dental fillings provide a safe, beautiful, and affordable way to treat cavities and repair compromised teeth. If you have additional questions about composite fillings' advantages or wonder if they are right for your situation, don’t hesitate to contact our dental fillings experts! 

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When your dentist discovers you have a cavity, you should fill that cavity as soon as possible to preserve your tooth's health and strength. Tooth-colored fillings in St. Cloud are an excellent way to keep your smile looking beautiful while also removing dental decay. 

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