Digital X-Rays St. Cloud, FL

Couple outside after getting digital x-rays st cloud flAt Modern Dentistry of St. Cloud, we understand that you have a busy life and taking time to see your dentist for routine check-ups can be inconvenient. We have found that keeping up with leading-edge dental technology means you spend less time in the dentist chair.

To that end, we are pleased to provide digital x-rays to our patients. Dental x-rays are an essential part of preventive dentistry. Digital x-rays are also safer than traditional x-rays because they emit less radiation. In addition, they provide us with a higher resolution image that enables us to deal with dental issues while they are still small. What does this mean for you? We can address dental problems when treating them is simpler—and more affordable.

We recommend that most of our patients have x-rays once a year to rule out any problems that may not yet be visible. Issues such as tooth decay can be lurking below the tooth enamel or gum line, hidden from sight.

Digital X-Rays: For Fast Diagnoses in St. Cloud, FL

Dental x-rays have often been considered one of the most important developments in dental technology. There is no other way your dentist can see so much beyond the surface of your teeth.

With traditional x-rays, a particular kind of film along with specific chemicals had to be used to develop the images. This was an extra step that took extra time. Digital x-rays are quicker.

With digital x-rays, images are immediately uploaded for viewing, much like taking a picture with your smartphone. Both patient and dentist can instantly see relevant information about the health of the mouth.

Your dentist can make copies of digital files with the same expediency. Hard copies of x-rays sent through the mail are a thing of the past. We can get images to a specialist or an insurance company almost instantaneously. This often means there won't be any treatment delays.

If there is a mistake made during the x-ray, we can usually fix a digital copy without having to re-do an image.

Less Radiation Exposure with Digital X-Rays in the 34772 Area 

Digital x-rays are so safe, you are likely to get more radiation walking outside on a sunny day. Pregnant women should be cautious about getting x-rays of any kind, even digital, so let us know of your condition ahead of time.

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digital x-rays in st cloud flA visual examination doesn’t reveal what is happening below the surface of your teeth and gums. A tiny cavity that is not detected in a visual exam can be readily identified in an x-ray because images can be seen in high resolution.

With digital x-rays, we can discover minor issues before they become significant problems. In some cases, we can prevent the need for more extensive treatment down the road, such as root canal therapy. Call us today to make safe, efficient digital radiographs part of your next appointment at Modern Dentistry of St. Cloud! Or you can request an appointment here.