Root Canals in St. Cloud, FL

It started as a slight twinge when you were drinking ice water. It soon progressed to more pain with cold drinks and ice cream, but it still went away. The next thing you know, you’re waking up withYoung woman in pain holding her face l Root Canal St. Cloud FL terrible pain in your tooth that won’t let you sleep and doesn’t go away with ibuprofen.

Now you need a root canal because your tooth is infected. The good news is that root canal treatment will not only relieve your tooth infection, it will also eliminate your pain and discomfort. Here’s what you should know about root canals in St. Cloud, FL.

Why Does My Tooth Need a Root Canal?

The sensitivity to the temperature you were feeling in your tooth indicates tooth decay. When decay progresses into the nerve of your tooth, the result is an infection, and you will feel the pain that doesn’t go away.

Unfortunately, a tooth infection won’t resolve on its own. This is why it’s important for you to have your tooth treated before your infection spreads and affects neighboring teeth or other critical areas of your body.

The Root Canal Procedure in St. Cloud, FL 

Man receiving dental exam in st cloud flMany people are fearful about root canal treatment due to horror stories they’ve heard about the procedure. However, a root canal actually alleviates your pain since Dr. Hua will numb your tooth with a dental anesthetic. It also eliminates your infection and allows you to maintain your natural tooth.

The procedure is very straightforward and is really very comfortable, thanks to modern dentistry. Dr. Hua will remove the infected tissue from inside your tooth and seal it with a temporary filling to protect it.

Once your tooth has had time to heal, we’ll restore it with a dental crown or permanent filling. You’ll be able to chew and eat with ease, knowing that your tooth has all the function it had before your infection.

Could My Root Canal Have Been Prevented?

In some situations like an accident or trauma to your tooth, the answer is no. However, if your infection was caused by tooth decay, there’s a good chance you could’ve avoided a root canal simply by being proactive about visiting your dentist in St. Cloud for routine examinations every six months.

Dr. Hua can detect tooth decay very early on with x-rays and regular examinations. Early detection allows you to treat your tooth with a less invasive procedure like a dental filling.

You can also stay on top of your dental health by contacting your 34772 dentist as soon as your tooth feels sensitive. There may still be time to treat your tooth with a filling if decay is detected soon enough.

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