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3 Interesting Facts About Teeth Whitening

April 13, 2021
Posted By: Modern Dentistry of St. Cloud
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Teeth whitening is one of the most sought-after cosmetic dental treatments available, and it’s easy to understand why. Professional teeth whitening can quickly transform yellow or dull teeth into true pearly whites. Teeth whitening is popular, but there are some fun facts many people may not know about it. 

Here are three interesting facts about teeth whitening.

#1 Teeth have pores, just like our skin.   

Yes, our teeth are essentially rock-hard and look smooth on the surface, but they also contain thousands of microscopic pores. Sometimes dirt gets in the pores on our face, and that dirt needs to be cleaned out, and the same goes for our teeth. Because our teeth are porous, they can absorb stains from the food and drinks we consume. 

Professional teeth whitening safely penetrates the pores, breaking up the particles and lifting stains out from the pores. After the teeth whitening process is complete, our teeth naturally remineralize and rehydrate themselves. 

#2 Not all teeth are naturally white. 

Everyone’s teeth are unique, just like each fingerprint is unique. It’s a myth that everyone’s teeth should be naturally white because there are many characteristics our teeth can have. Enamel shade and thickness can contribute to a less-than-white look to our teeth. However, just because your teeth may not be naturally white doesn’t mean they can’t be with professional teeth whitening. 

#3 Porcelain dental appliances cannot be whitened. 

Traditional whitening treatments do not effectively whiten veneers, dentures, implants, or crowns after they’ve been placed in your mouth. However, you can choose whiter restorations before they are placed. Porcelain prosthetics are very stain-resistant, and they will remain the same white color no matter what you eat or drink.

Professional Teeth Whitening in St. Cloud, FL 

Our cosmetic dentist uses high-quality teeth whitening to brighten your smile and take years off your appearance. With a quick trip to our dental office, you can have whiter, virtually stain-free teeth in a single appointment.

Dr. Hua can easily and painlessly upgrade your smile without anesthesia, pain, or risk. We also offer convenient, at-home whitening kits so you can perform touch-ups when needed. 

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