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How do I stop grinding my teeth?

Teeth grinding and clenching, commonly called bruxism, often occurs during sleep. This makes it difficult to stop because you may not realize you’re doing it.

However, there are signs of bruxism, including:

  • Head, neck, shoulder pain
  • Fractured or worn teeth
  • Jaw pain and muscular jaws
  • Waking up at night

Without treatment, bruxism can significantly impact life quality, causing tooth breakage, cavities, and jaw joint issues. Then, of course, there is also the associated pain.

Stopping bruxism is tricky because it isn’t always simple to get to the root cause. For example, you may be anxious, nervous, experiencing sleep issues (night terrors or apnea), or under stress.

Fortunately, your dentist in St. Cloud, FL can help prevent bruxism with appliance therapy. We can create a custom appliance that prevents the upper and lower jaws from coming together during sleep. This appliance is made of acrylic for your protection and comfort.

Are You Seeking Treatment for Bruxism in St. Cloud, FL?

If you suspect bruxism—or if you’re unsure—our team can spot the telltale signs, including worn teeth. We can also x-ray your jaw joint to check for any damage or inflammation.

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