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How painful is it to have a tooth extraction?

While we cannot guarantee what every patient's experience will be, tooth extraction in St. Cloud, FL typically is not painful. 

Any surgical procedure might be painful, but your St. Cloud dentist, will generally administer local anesthesia during the procedure to eliminate any discomfort or pain.

After the dental procedure, Dr. Yang Hua may prescribe prescription pain medication to manage pain and anxiety.

Pain During Dental Extraction

Every patient has a unique smile and treatment plan, and some may require more sedation dentistry to keep their dental experience comfy and safe.

The thought of having one or more teeth pulled can sound scary, but most patients are surprised at how the procedure is less painful than they expected. 

We use numbing agents so that St. Cloud patients barely feel anything.

Discomfort After a Dental Extraction

Initially, after the tooth extraction, we keep the gap in your smile numbed for enough time for patients to start healing, typically around eight to ten hours. 

Once this period of time has passed, many patients report very little pain. With care and TLC, patients don't have to worry about infections or decay as long as they keep their mouths nice and clean. 

Don't Let Fear of Pain Hold You Back

Your local dentist at Modern Dentistry of St Cloud will make sure that our dental procedures are simple, straightforward, and stress-free. If you have dental anxiety or need additional sedation, do not hesitate to tell our dental staff. 

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