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My crown is old and broken. What should I do?

A broken crown can cause damage to your teeth if not treated right away. In order to prevent future damage that could cost you a lot of time and money, it is best to consult a dentist immediately to discuss further actions. Give our St. Cloud dental office a call today if you have an old crown in need of repair. 

Why You Should Get It Repaired

When you break a crown, depending on the severity of the break, it can lead to other complications. Dental crowns can break just as natural teeth can break. When you chip or break your natural teeth, you go to your dentist to repair it. The same should be done with your crown. Having full and functioning teeth promotes great oral health for many years to come. Schedule an exam with Dr. Hua today. He will take the time out to explain everything for you so you know what your options are.

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