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What is the best way to clean dentures?

Modern Dentistry of St. Cloud is proud to provide both partial and full denture services to our patients, and we are happy to see patients with dentures for their routine check-ups.

How To Clean Your Dentures

Even though they aren't your teeth and cannot become decayed, dentures come with a commitment to routine cleaning. Taking good care of your dentures can help prevent wear, damage, and discoloration of the dentures, as well as preventing many dental issues like bacteria build-up and denture stomatitis.

Proper cleaning involves:

  • Removing dentures at night to rest the mouth.
  • Cleaning the dentures with a brush at least once a day.
  • Using an antibacterial soak overnight.
  • Brushing and rinsing the inside of the mouth while the dentures are out.
  • Routinely visiting the dentist to check on your oral health.
  • Using a gentle detergent specifically designed for dentures

Time for a Check-Up or Denture Consultation? 

At Modern Dentistry of St. Cloud, we believe in prevention first. Therefore, keeping tabs on your oral health is critical. Keep up on routine dental visits to ensure that your mouth remains healthy as you age. Residents of the great area of St. Cloud, FL, considering dentures or other tooth-replacement options for missing teeth, contact us today.

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