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What is the difference between bridges and dentures?

Generally speaking, both bridges and dentures are designed to replace one to multiple missing teeth.

A dental bridge is made of a couple of individual crowns (caps) that are connected. A dental bridge requires to be permanently glued to the teeth, so it requires less maintenance. Patients can eat and talk with them in just like your own teeth. Since a dental bridge is made of porcelain, it has a very natural appearance is and available in a wide variety of colors. A dental bridge typically takes about 2-3 appointments to finish. Almost all patients are very satisfied with the results.

Types of Dentures

There are a variety of dentures ranging from partial dentures to full dentures. Partial dentures can replace teeth ranging from 1 to multiple. Full dentures replace all teeth in the dentition.

Dentures are something you take in and out every day to help with talking and eating. Denture teeth are made of acrylic and are less natural in appearance compared to dental bridges. At times when you are not wearing a denture, you will need to keep it submerged in a solution or water.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from patients is that dentures become loose over time. However, modern technology has made implant retained dentures possible so you don’t have to remove them every day.


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