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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Crowns and Bridges

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At Modern Dentistry of St. Cloud, we welcome questions from our patients. Educating patients on how best to take care of their oral health is one of the most important aspects of what our team does. We have also found that patients who take the time to ask questions tend to be more involved in their own health, which is always a good thing!

We tend to hear some of the same questions over and over, so for your convenience, we have gathered some of those questions and included the responses here. But if your question isn’t listed below, we invite you to ask it anyway. Chances are, if you have the question, so does someone else.

You can call us with your questions, or make note of them so you can ask at your next appointment. We look forward to sharing our knowledge!

Crowns and Bridges

With the advancement of biomaterials, we are now using translucent porcelain materials for crowns and bridges. It’s almost impossible for someone who is not in the dental field to tell natural teeth from crowns or bridges.

Getting a crown put on after a root canal is highly recommended. One of the most common failures of RCT treatment is not having a crown placed after treatment. Root canal treatment makes the tooth weak and brittle. Crowns strengthen the teeth and make it less likely that there will be complications and additional trips to the dentist in the future.\

Dental Crowns Help The Structure of Your Smile

Crowns are able to fill the gap in your teeth and support the teeth surrounding it. When there is a gap in your smile, your teeth want to naturally fill that gap and may spread into that space. This causes complications in your smile. When your alignment collapses it makes it harder to restore your smile through orthodontic treatment. 

Call our office to learn more about why it is important to get a crown after your root canal. Our dentist will be happy to go over your treatment and make sure you feel comfortable.

A dental bridge is a couple of caps that are connected together. Unlike natural teeth, regular brushing will not reach underneath the bridge. We recommend our patients use threader floss to go underneath the bridge to make sure everything is nice and clean. Also, there are other products available in the market to make this task easier. A product called Waterpik uses a jet stream of water to go underneath the bridge and patients love them.

Besides, we always recommend patients to get regular professional cleaning in the dental office at least every six months.

A Better Tooth Replacement Option

In general, any dental prosthesis does require regular care to maintain the health of the gum and tooth. If you do not want to use the special floss to clean under the bridge, a dental implant might be a better option for you.

A dental implant is a prosthesis inserted into the missing tooth area that is not connected to other teeth, so it functions just like a natural tooth. You can maintain it by using regular floss. If you would like to find out more about dental bridges or implants, please give us a call at (321) 805-3888. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.


Not at all. Dental phobia is one of the most common barriers that prevent patients from seeing a dentist. Dr. Hua is extremely good at numbing his patients thoroughly so you don’t have to worry about experiencing any discomfort during the crown procedure.

The entire process generally takes about 5-10 business days. Typically for single crowns, we require 2 separate visits after the consultation. First, visit Dr. Hua will prepare the tooth for the crown and insert a temporary crown looks and feels like your own tooth. This visit will take 2 hours or less. During the second visit, the doctor will bond the permanent crown on to the tooth. This visit should take less than 30 minutes. 

Call Our St. Cloud Dental Office

Call our St. Cloud, FL dental office today to ask any questions you may have and to schedule your next dental appointment. Our entire dental team is thrilled to meet you and the entire family, so let's get started on your smile journey!

Getting a tooth pulled is always a treatment of last resort, particularly if the tooth in question can be saved. It might seem easier to just remove a problem tooth, but there are ramifications in dental crowns st. cloud fl doing so. The problem with simply taking a problem tooth out is that losing a tooth risks the health of your other teeth as well as your jawbone.

The Problems With Not Replacing Missing Teeth

When a tooth is missing, your other teeth will start to shift to try to fill in the space left behind. This can cause your bite to be off, and you might start wearing down on your teeth whenever you chew. Shifting teeth can also start to loosen, leading to more missing teeth down the road.

When a tooth is missing, your body no longer sends nutrients to that area of your jawbone. This can cause changes in the bone, including shrinkage.

The best thing to do is to replace a missing tooth with a dental prosthetic, such as a bridge or dental implant. If you look into the price of these restorative dental treatments, you will quickly see that repairing your damaged tooth with a dental crown that will save your tooth, is far less expensive and less invasive than getting a bridge or implant. Find out the right treatment for you by calling our office for a consultation. 

There are many ways to change the shape of your teeth.

We can always start with polishing your teeth to fix minor concerns. It will typically take one appointment to finish and most patients are very satisfied with the outcome. If after this, you want to further improve the smile, we can do something more.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of the most powerful products when it comes to changing the shapes of your teeth. They are typically very thin .2-.7mm translucent porcelain we place on top of your natural teeth. It appears to very natural and aesthetically pleasing. Most of the time we don’t even need to remove any tooth structure.

Invisible Aligners

Also, sometimes patients don’t like the shape of the teeth because their teeth are out of alignment. There are many clear aligners on the market that can correct patients’ smile line.

Dental Crowns

At last, there are sometimes decayed teeth involved and we cannot simply put a dental veneer on it because of lack of tooth structure support. When that happens we will need to put dental crowns on the teeth to enhance the strength and appearance. We can use a combination of ways to correct the shape of your teeth to achieve ideal results.

If you are interested in a consultation today, please don’t hesitate to give us a call (321) 805-3888.


A broken crown can cause damage to your teeth if not treated right away. In order to prevent future damage that could cost you a lot of time and money, it is best to consult a dentist immediately to discuss further actions. Give our St. Cloud dental office a call today if you have an old crown in need of repair. 

Why You Should Get It Repaired

When you break a crown, depending on the severity of the break, it can lead to other complications. Dental crowns can break just as natural teeth can break. When you chip or break your natural teeth, you go to your dentist to repair it. The same should be done with your crown. Having full and functioning teeth promotes great oral health for many years to come. Schedule an exam with Dr. Hua today. He will take the time out to explain everything for you so you know what your options are.

What cosmetic dentistry treatment is right for you depends on the extent of the damage to your teeth. We can use bonding, porcelain veneers, crowns, or a combination of treatments to achieve optimum results. Contact Modern Dentistry of St. Cloud today to schedule a consultation and find out what treatment is best for your smile!

Dental bridges and dental implants are both great ways at fixing your missing teeth and restoring your beautiful smile. However, there are some differences between them that you may have to consider. 

First of all, both implants and bridges are designed to fix missing teeth in our mouth. Secondly, implants are surgically placed to replace missing teeth while bridges are not. Next, when placing an implant, we do not have to remove any adjacent teeth structure while a dental bridge requires that. Lastly, dental implants are hygienic and easy to floss and clean. Dental bridges require a special floss to clean underneath the bridge.

Consultation For Missing Teeth

The best way to understand which option is right for you is by scheduling a consultation with our dentists. They will take a look at your smile and reference your dental history to find the best option for you. At each consultation, our staff will sit down with you and explain anything that you are unsure about. Call our office today to speak with one of our staff.

Here at Modern Dentistry of St. Cloud, we offer a full range of cosmetic products and procedures including dental veneers, in office whitening, bonding, all ceramic restorations, dental implants, Invisalign, white spot treatment, and more.

Here at our St. Cloud dental office, we offer more than just general and preventive dental treatments. You can also visit us for more advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry. 

Cosmetic Dental Options

St. Cloud cosmetic dentistry takes dental care up to a whole new level. It combines the science of dentistry with the beauty and art of a symmetrical and harmonious smile. It's vital that our patients have healthy and polished teeth, but we also want them to absolutely love the look and alignment of their smiles. Our cosmetic dentist offers services including: 

Cosmetic dentistry is more affordable and available to anyone now more than ever. If you have a minor or significant cosmetic issue, give Modern Dentistry of St. Cloud a call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Yang Hua in 34772.

Restorative Dental Treatments

Imagine biting into a fruit pit or hard candy, or even falling and hurting your mouth—chipped, broken, and fractured teeth can happen at any time. If you have fractured your tooth, we can restore chipped and missing teeth to their former glory. Our restorative dentistry services include:

  • Dental crowns
  • Dental bridges
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Dental implants
  • Root canal therapy
  • Dentures 

We can restore form, function, and beauty to injured teeth with our restorative dentistry in St. Cloud. 

A dental crown is a prosthesis (a cover or cap) that mimics your natural teeth. They are used to restore the appearance and function of your natural tooth to as close to its original condition as possible. 

Generally speaking, both bridges and dentures are designed to replace one to multiple missing teeth.

A dental bridge is made of a couple of individual crowns (caps) that are connected. A dental bridge requires to be permanently glued to the teeth, so it requires less maintenance. Patients can eat and talk with them in just like your own teeth. Since a dental bridge is made of porcelain, it has a very natural appearance is and available in a wide variety of colors. A dental bridge typically takes about 2-3 appointments to finish. Almost all patients are very satisfied with the results.

Types of Dentures

There are a variety of dentures ranging from partial dentures to full dentures. Partial dentures can replace teeth ranging from 1 to multiple. Full dentures replace all teeth in the dentition.

Dentures are something you take in and out every day to help with talking and eating. Denture teeth are made of acrylic and are less natural in appearance compared to dental bridges. At times when you are not wearing a denture, you will need to keep it submerged in a solution or water.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from patients is that dentures become loose over time. However, modern technology has made implant retained dentures possible so you don’t have to remove them every day.


When picking the solution that is right for replacing your missing teeth, you may have stumbled on what is a called a dental crown or a dental bridge. But what is the difference between a crown and a bridge? And how can you be sure which solution is right for you?

Replacing Multiple Missing Teeth

A dental crown and a dental bridge are similar in terms of that they are made of the same material (porcelain or metal). However, a bridge is made of several crowns connected together in order to replace one or multiple missing teeth.

If you are still unsure about which procedure you should go with, one of our staff would be happy to help break down the benefits of each. Call our office today to be seen for your consultation. 

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