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Do I need a crown after a root canal?

Getting a crown put on after a root canal is highly recommended. One of the most common failures of RCT treatment is not having a crown placed after treatment. Root canal treatment makes the tooth weak and brittle. Crowns strengthen the teeth and make it less likely that there will be complications and additional trips to the dentist in the future.\

Dental Crowns Help The Structure of Your Smile

Crowns are able to fill the gap in your teeth and support the teeth surrounding it. When there is a gap in your smile, your teeth want to naturally fill that gap and may spread into that space. This causes complications in your smile. When your alignment collapses it makes it harder to restore your smile through orthodontic treatment. 

Call our office to learn more about why it is important to get a crown after your root canal. Our dentist will be happy to go over your treatment and make sure you feel comfortable.

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