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Getting a Dental Crown? Here Are 5 Foods to Avoid to Protect Your Investment

September 18, 2019
Posted By: Modern Dentistry of St. Cloud

Tooth crowns and dental bridges are excellent solutions for repairing a damaged tooth or restoring a lost one. A crown covers your damaged tooth and restores beauty and function to your smile. Dental bridges in St. Cloud, FL fill in the gaps with reliable prosthetic teeth anchored to your healthy teeth by crowns.

Once you've made an investment in your smile, your tooth crown or bridge has the potential to last for more than a decade if you are committed to excellent home care and regular dental checkups. Avoiding certain foods that can damage your restoration or pull it off is also important. Here are some foods to watch out for.

Hard or Crunchy Items

Pretzels, seeds, or crusty bread may crack or chip your tooth crown or bridge when you bite into them.

Sticky Foods

Sticky candy like taffy or caramel can actually dislodge or even pull your crown off of your tooth. Also, be mindful when chewing meats like steak that could do the same.

Raw Fruits and Vegetables

Biting into an apple or chewing on a carrot can be tough on your dental crown or bridge. You can still enjoy these healthy foods by cutting them into slices or bite-size pieces.


Popcorn presents a double whammy for dental restorations. Biting into a rogue kernel can cause a fracture or crack in your tooth. But getting the shell stuck under your crown or bridge will also cause discomfort to your soft tissues.


Chewing on ice is a bad habit for both your natural teeth and your dental restorations. While munching on ice may feel satisfying, it's a habit that can chip, crack, and damage your teeth.

If you need a tooth restoration, or you have questions about dental crowns in St. Cloud, FL, Dr. Yang Hua, and his team are here for you. Contact Modern Dentistry of St. Cloud today at (321) 805-3888 for more information.


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